Test4Startups is an easy way to validate your business model and help you with almost everything related to your startup.

Have a look at the 4 tools we have developed for startups so far :

Fast Business Incubator: subject your project to a previous check for incubation.

Fundable: is your startup ready to get funding?

The Bill: what kind of business could be started from your idea?

– Market Wars: discover your competitive advantage

Super Growth: discover how to improve your growth! 


If you are looking for a business incubator, seed program or an accelerator for your startup, why don’t you subject your project to a prior check for its incubation?   Prepare yourself and your startup!  An incubation process of several months in only several hours!  Is your business model going to work as you thought?

Fine -Tune your Startup now with the Fast Business Incubator!

  • Based on Lean Startup/Canvas from Ash Maurya, the Canvas from Alex Osterwalder. and competitive strategy from Michael E. Porter.
  • Different questionnaires will analyze more than 20 points of your business to see the effectiveness of your business from several perspectives: business strategy, Perception and alignment with your market, business model and value propostion.
  • Easy to understand, with practical tips and colour-coded: green= ok, go ahead; yellow=warning, review it and red= stop, reformulate!
  • Everything done online (test and payment)
  • 3 levels of data outputs: lean canvas, business model resume and business coherence.


With this tool you will get an assessment of your Lean Canvas, more than 20 points of analysis on your model (Canvas Business Model), tips about your value proposition, your front and your back plus information about the coherence and consistency between the way you are addressing your market and your business. 


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Test4Startups has the best tools for your startup.

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Amazing Tools To Boost your Startup!


With this tool you will know possibilities of your startup to getting funding and which aspects you should improve or change to get money more easily. 


Now it’s time to raise some money to boost your startup.  Are you sure your startup has what investors are looking for?

Discover it with our FUNDABLE!

  • Based on the investment criteria of Saul Klein and Rob Johnson
  • If you would like to leave bootstrapping behind and start to get funding, this is your tool.
  • Discover what’s in the investor’s mind!
  • All online: payment and test


This is a quick tool to see what kind of business may develop from your idea: what is its potential market? What is it potential  to generate revenue easily?

Discover it with our tool, THE BILL!

  • Assess the potential of your idea
  • A quick and easy way to assess whether your idea may generate revenue easely.
  • Analyzes several items: i.e. what do you offer? to whom? how are they going to buy it? why are they going to buy from you?
  • Based on discussions with a Super Business Angel, Luis M. Cabiedes, regarding what he looks for in a startup in order to assess the potential of the idea.


With this tool you will save tons of time because it will tell you if it’s worth the efforts to start with this idea and where to make changes if necessary.  


A general assessment of your competitive advantage and comparative analysis of the strength of the value proposition and the difficulties you will have in terms of competition in market. 


Do you want to know how efficient is your value proposition for successfully facing your market?

How long you have until your competitors could reach you?

  • Discover possibilities of success for facing your market
  • A quick way to know your competitive advantage
  • Super fast tool based into a comparison between value proposition skills (A.Osterwalder, A.Maurya) and market behavior with new players (M.Porter).
  • It will give early warnings about your business project performance in market
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Do you want to know what is the growth potential of your project? Which factors you must work to improve your growing possibilities?

SUPER GROWTH  is also a working tool, it allow you to work on new scenarios to maximize your growth!

  • SUPERGROWTH is a fast tool based into PENTAGROWTH model created by Javi Creus adopting some criteria of this model and empower them adding other factors related to our (and others) experiences in market accelerating business models using lean startup.
  • It is fully compatible with acceleration programs
  • It will offer you a different view of your abilities to grow and weak factors in your business model you should improve.
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Super Growth is not only an assessment tool, but also a working tool.

You will get a report with the general assessment on your growing elements and  info on the key areas of growth. 

And also an empty frame where you can describe, design and challenge among different scenarios to maximize your startup growth. 

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Cooming soon… tools for team building and team compatibility!