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Fast Business Incubator

  • Express process of incubation
  • More than 20 items analyzed
  • With practical tips


  • Discover what’s in the mind of investors 
  • Based on the criteria of Saul Klein & Rob johnson
  • Analizes more than 10 items

The Bill

  • Assess the potential of your idea
  • Analyzes more than 5 items
  • Quick way to have a first projection

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If you are an Incubator or Accelerator for startups, you may want to use our tools for selecting or working with your startups!

If so, write to us and we will adapt our plans to your needs; as many options as you might want:

– 50 Fast Business Incubators for choosing among all the startups candidates those with the strongest Business Model to get in?

– Or a way to see which finalists are more likely investable?

– Or a quick way for your mentors to work with the Startups , by going directly to the weaknesses of the Business Model?


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If you are an Investor, Seed Capital, Venture Capital, you may want to reduce your failure rate and start picking winners.

If so, email us and we will adapt our plans to your needs; as many options as you might want:

– Want to know in advance if this startup has a strong Business Model before paying for a due diligence?

– OrA way of seeing which of the startups that you like are more easily investable?

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